For more than a decade, Grupo DESUR has focused on four business groups that have achieved great success in their respective fields. Each has reinvented itself while aiming to improve its performance and capitalize on knowledge gained over time.  Our groups’ core businesses are closely related to one other, which allows us to offer our clients a comprehensive service to benefit their investment and the value of their assets.


Land Bank

Our primary objective is to maintain our position as one of the leading companies in the region in terms of regularization and trade of large areas of land. It is within our strategic plan to continue growing in this area through alliances with strategic partners to give greater certainty to new acquisitions, and these achieve and satisfy the needs of our partners and customers

lotes residenciales

Residential lots

Our aim is to locate land in residential areas with growth potential, with the purpose of building gated communities and/or residential developments that will offer our clients single-family lots where they may build an asset and establish a high-value investment.

despacho de arquitectura

Architectural firm

Our specific purpose is to offer professional architectural projects for single-family, residential clients as well as real estate developers, commercial projects and service companies. Our main guidelines are innovation, creativity and sustainability.

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desarrollo de viviendas


We locate the right land to develop horizontal or vertical residential complexes. By doing this, we provide hundreds of clients with a property they can be proud of, whether they aim to establish their home or an investment that will yield them great long-term value.